Oprah breaks into tears as she remembers and says goodbye to her friend Mary Tyler Moore

For the host, the naturalness and strength of Mary Tyler Moore inspired her to be the influential woman she is now

The sad departure of Mary Tyler Moore, at the age of 80, invaded Hollywood in mourning and some are still trying to assimilate her death. Oprah is one of them, and in a sincere and emotional speech in which she could not contain the tears, she expressed how much the career and the achievements of Mary Tyler meant for her. Oprah revealed to ‘People’ that for her, the actress and comedian was a big influence on who she is now. "I respected and admired her business acumen, her passion and compassion for all life, and most importantly, the values espoused through her storytelling," said the visibly affected host.


Oprah, who has long been considered the richest and most powerful woman by ‘Forbes’, said it was Mary Tyler Moore who had the most influence on her life and the decisions she made in her career. That is why, upon learning of the death of her idol, the 62-year-old host could not contain her tears. "It’s the first time I would recall a public figure in recent years passing — and we’ve lost so many people recently – where I actually sat down and shed tears about it," she told Entertainment Tonight hours after the news would go around the world.

The feeling was still too much and while talking on the phone with ET's Nancy O'Dell, Oprah broke into tears when she recalled the time Mary Tyler Moore surprised her on her show in 1997. "The moment she surprised me on that show was a life-changing moment for many reasons. First of all, it’s the time I coined the ugly cry. And I went into double, triple overtime. After that I said, ‘Never again!’ I called all my producers together — and that was in 1997 – I said, ‘Never again will I be surprised on the show, and if I’m ever surprised on the show, it will cost whoever produced that show their job.’ Because I could not speak, hear or think!"

Mary Tyler Moore died late Wednesday at the age of 80 after being hospitalized for several days at a clinic in Connecticut. According to an aide to the actress, she was operated on for a picture of pneumonia in addition to several complications derived from the diabetes with which she lived since she was 33 years old.

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