Prince Harry and Rihanna, like two old friends during their meeting in Barbados

On his trip to the Caribbean, Prince Harry met the singer and among them there was an enviable chemistry

Two worlds crossed Wednesday afternoon when Prince Harry visited Barbados as part of his Caribbean tour. His timely visit coincided with the 50th anniversary of the island's independence and he took advantage of the celebration to meet some residents, leaders and, of course, the queen of music:Rihanna. The Prince and the singer shared several laughs when they attended the Spectacular Mega Concert included in the festivities, in which she sang for 20 thousand people after singing the national anthem.


Harry and Rihanna became the center of attention from their first meeting, when they met at the Fountain of St. Anne, where the Prime Minister of Barbados, Freundel Stuart, was also present. It's the first time they both coincide and, like an admirer of her music and the free spirit Rihanna represents, Harry shook her hand and said, "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Rihanna's first encounter with the Prince was planned to happen during the concert; However, it was Harry who broke the plans to meet her earlier. "The plan was for him to meet her for the first time at the concert that would take place later, but twenty minutes before he arrived, he learned that she would also be there, sitting very close to his table. As some plans were altered by bad weather, everything has developed in a more fluid and informal way, so he wanted to meet her," said a staff member who accompanies Harry in his two weeks in the Caribbean.


The chemistry between Princess Diana's son and the singer was immediate. Sitting side by side, they talked to each other, although the topics they were discussing are still a mystery to the curious fans of the singer and the Prince.

As if they were a pair of old friends with the soul of teenagers, the two frolicked during the ceremony and, when they had to keep a minute of silence before the big show, it was noticed that they struggled to keep a serious face while trying not to laugh. A charming situation that few would imagine would happen between the fifth heir to the throne and the singer.


Like two old friends, the Prince convinced the singer to undergo a HIV test, the same one he faced a few months ago. Harry explained to Rihanna that it hurt a lot, but he offered to get tested first. When it was her turn, the singer exclaimed: "You made it seem painful, but it is not so much." After 20 minutes, the results of both were negative; However, they stressed the importance of people coming to their nearest medical center to rule out the disease.

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