She’s growing so fast! Max, the daughter of Mark Zuckerberg celebrates her first birthday

With a party for three, the Facebook creator's family celebrated Max

The images of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, awaiting the visit of the stork still look fresh. However, it's been a year since the founder of Facebook became the father of a cute girl they called Max. To celebrate their little daughter, the proud parents made a mini party for three in which they wore matching hats with the word "One" standing out among the happiness of the family.


"I can not believe it's been a year! Also, my daughter kissed me on the cheek for the first time yesterday," said the happy father in a photograph of the tender celebration of his daughter. As expected, Mark shared the image of his family, a custom he has had since the first day he met the girl. "Today Max smiles, says a few words, gives kisses and is about to take her first steps.”

Mark's timeline is not only riddled with technological commentary or social causes, his interests highlight the photos of Max, whom we have seen taking her first swimming lessons, disguised in the style of Star Wars or playing with her dog.


Happy to discover the world through the eyes of the girl, Zuckerberg is not surprised by the unforgettable moments that fatherhood has given. Just a few weeks ago, he announced to the world Max’s first word, which surprisingly was neither dad nor mom but ‘dog’.

Mark and Priscilla, both 31, were married in 2012 after meeting at Harvard University. After receiving their daughter in their arms last year, the couple wrote a poignant letter to the girl detailing their hopes for Max's generation. They even announced that 99% of their $ 46 billion worth of fortune would be donated in Max's honor.


"Your mother and I have no words to describe our hopes for your future," you can still read in Mark's profile. "Your new life is full of promises and we hope you are happy and healthy so you can explore the world completely," he continues. "Max, we love you and we feel a great responsibility to make the world a better place for you and all the children. We wish you a life full of the same love, hope and joy that you give us. We can not wait to see what you have to give to the world."

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