What would you do if Enrique Iglesias FaceTimed you? The Spanish singer is so inspired by the love and support of his fans throughout his Love and Sex Tour, that he decided to contact his most loyal fans to thank them personally and give them the surprise of their lives. The singer shared on his official website a video of calls made through FaceTime and the reactions of his fans are amazing.

VER GALERÍA Amazing! Enrique Iglesias FaceTimes one of his fans. Photo: Facebook Enrique Iglesias

The first lucky one was a girl named Gisela, who could not believe that her biggest idol had called to discuss the tour and say hello. "Oh god, I can not believe it," said the young woman from El Paso, Texas. Enrique told her he had been several times in this city with his shows and asked if she had attended any of them, Gisela answered affirmatively. "Well, you have my number, you can call me whenever you want," he said jokingly.

The video has been shared almost 500 times and under it, there are thousands of comments from desperate fans who want the Spanish singer to call them. The vast majority of his followers emphasize the original way to thank the fans, as well as the simplicity of the award-winning performer. Although it is one of the most renowned singers, Iglesias always have open arms for his fans.

Besides making them happy, the singer takes very good care of them. In one of his shows in Baku, Azerbaijan, a young woman jumped on stage to hug him and would not let go of him. "Actually I was able to talk to her during the concert. She was talking to me while she clung to me. If I'm not mistaken, she was 12 years old and had flown from Iran just to see the concert. It was very nice. She was charming. I took her to one side of the stage so she could see the rest of the concert from there."

Within seconds, the young girl was surrounded by security guards and he came out to defend her. "There was a moment when the twelve security guards surrounded her and I had to put myself between and told them 'No. It's okay, really. It's a girl. She won’t do anything to me.'

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