Selena Gomez Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez breaks records with her Spanish song ‘De Una Vez’

An unprecedented song full of symbolism

“De Una Vez”, Selena Gomez’s song, in Spanish, whose messages couldn’t be clearer. The artist, with Mexican roots, pays tribute to her home land and dedicates the lyrics to all the people “whose hearts have been broken”.

Not even a week and already 22 million views and counting. This is how, with her latest single, Selena Gomez has once again swept. After overcoming, by far, her hardest time, the artist has risen from the ashes making her one of the most influential celebrities. How? She has returned to being active in social networks, launching Rare Beauty and, in the last hours, with a song in Spanish full of symbolism and very direct messages. It is the song that has made the singer, with Mexican roots, get those 22 million views in less than 48 hours. “This is the beginning of something that I have wanted to explore for a long time,” says the artist on her social media.

Selena Gomez new single, Vogue Mexico©@selenagomez

Although it may seem like a completely everyday love-sick letter, the truth is that the singer intended to go further. According to her, towards personal growth: “We all suffer the damage and scars that certain life experiences have left us, but this is how we heal ourselves,” said Selena Gomez in an interview. In fact, there are many fans who are convinced that it is another allusion to her relationship with Justin Bieber. In her first single in Spanish in 10 years, the singer recites phrases such as ”It doesn‘t hurt like it used to. The wound of your love healed” or ”Once and for all I’m strong alone and I don’t regret the past. I know that time by your side cut my wings.”

As for the video clip, Gomez has had two great producers fully involved in the Hispanic-American culture. On the one hand, let’s talk about the wardrobe and how Rodarte‘s floral design pays tribute to Frida Kahlo. On the other hand, the singer wears the Mexican jewels of Daniela Villegas and, throughout the video clip, a sacred crystal heart on her chest. As for audiovisual production, they agreed to be inspired by magical realism, a movement quite common in Latin culture. In fact, according to Selena herself, Isabel Allende, Gabriel GarcíaMárquez and Laura Esquivel have been more than present in terms of inspiration.

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