Missing poster for Diplo
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Guaynaa says Diplo taught him how to be a stripper for their new song ‘Diplomatico’

The song is out now!


When worlds collide! This week it was announced that Guaynaa has a new song called “Diplomatico” with Diplo and Major Lazer coming soon and it’s out NOW. The collaboration is epic and the song is guaranteed to have you moving your hips. The song is without a doubt going to be a huge success and is a big move for Guaynaa. The Puerto Rican rapper posted hilarious videos about the release and said Diplo taught him how to be a stripper. There hasn’t been a release date for the music video announced yet but people are excited to see what all the clues they’ve been posting about means. On Wednesday Guaynna shared a video grinding on a horse in a full jockey uniform while Diplo did his own ‘sexy’ moves in a white bathrobe, high socks, and crocks. The whole thing was amazing and confusing in the best way.  And apparently Guaynaa kidnapped Diplo and has him hiding somewhere?? Listen to ‘Diplomatico’ below and try to put the pieces together before the music video comes out!

Just the audio version of Diplomatico has been posted to YouTube but Major Lazer’s and Diplo’s English speaking fans are vibing out hard to the song. Many are commenting, “I have no idea what he’s saying but this song is amazing...”

The rapper has been posting in English for the song’s release. On Tuesday Guaynna shared a video on social media announcing the song in both Spanish and English. The rapper captioned the video “@Diplo Showed me how to be a stripper… We are ready guys!!” His new BFF Diplo commented, “Jefe I will show my next dance sequence.”

Major Lazer is a Jamaican-American electronic dance music trio, which includes record producer Diplo, and DJs Walshy Fire and Ape Drums. This week they posted two fliers on Instagram, first was a hilarious “MISSING” poster for Diplo describing him as a “B List celebrity,” that was last seen shirtless with a mullet. The second was a “WANTED FOR KIDNAPPING DIPLO” poster offering a cash reward with a picture of Guaynaa. What could it all mean??

Missing poster for Diplo©@majorlazer
Missing poster for Diplo