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Back Together Again

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez breakup and makeup: the details

Will the couple finally make it to home base?

Sorry to everyone who was hoping Jennifer Lopez might get back together with Marc Anthony or Ben Affleck. It was a brief breakup but there is now photographic proof that JLo and Alex Rodriguez are back together, per Page Six. Sources also told the outlet details about their breakup and makeup explaining they continue to work through things but “are together.” Read all the juicy details below of their reconciliation below:

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JLo and A-Rod

According to Page Six, leading up to the spit Lopez had “recently been very upset on the set” of her film, and “for the last two weeks they have not been together and the last few days they were not good… They’ve been having some crazy issues.” Sources told the outlet distance had led to the breakup. “If it works out, and they do stay together, it was kind of the perfect storm — it was COVID, it was her being away, they were working on things.” A source added, “They were together for 300 days in a row, and now this is her first film away. You’ve been locked in the house for 300 days. They’ve been together the entire time.”

According to the outlet, on Friday the couple was prepping to tell their kids about the breakup, and sources said they were exploring how to divide their assets. After reports of the couple’s split went rampant they stayed up all night Friday hashing it out. “Whatever happened on Friday, they since spoke through the night, have seen each other, and are working things out- as of today they’re together.” The source continued, “That’s where they are today. Whatever bump in the road, they decided that they were going to try and work things through.”

The couple then released their joint statement Saturday saying all the reports were false. On Sunday the ex Yankees star left his selfie boat and flew to the Dominican Republic for an emergency makeup session and photos have emerged of them greeting each other with a kiss. A-Rod has been sharing pictures on his story of his “mother land.”

Alex Rodriguez posts from the DR©@arod
Alex Rodriguez posts from the DR

After the drama, Lopez went back to work. “They are in heavy filming right now, from first thing in the morning, ’til late at night,” sources told Page Six. “She shoots like 14 hours a day. Which gives them a few hours to hang out” when she’s working.”