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Vanessa Hudgens spent her weekend being a supportive girlfriend at Cole Tucker’s games

The actress posted a series of photos from her fun weekend.

Vanessa Hudgens seems to be head over heels in love with her boyfriend, MLB player Cole Tucker. The athlete and actress have been dating for less than a year but Tucker is the only one that Hudgens needs.

Over the weekend, the ‘High School Musical’ actress was busy cheering on Tucker’s team with friends at Citi Field where his team, the Pirates, were playing against the New York Mets. The 32-year-old shared several photos to Instagram showing her support.

In one of the more recent posts, the ‘Spring Breakers’ actress shared a photo of her and Tucker sitting on steps with flowers surrounding them. Hudgens cozied up to Tucker in a denim jumpsuit and boots as he wrapped his arm around her back. The athlete is seen in a dark t-shirt, jeans, Vans sneakers, and a baseball hat with his dark curls cascading down. Hudgens captioned the photo, “All I need.”

In one of the photos, Hudgens adorably posed next to Tucker in overalls, a white cropped tee, and her dark curls up in a bun with sunglasses. Tucker smiled next to her in his Pirates uniform. She captioned the series of photos and videos cheering him on at the stadium, “Biiiiig sports gals.”

Hudgens and Tucker first met on a group meditation call and the actress was the one to make the first move. Between Instagram stories and sappy posts, the actress and professional athlete are madly in love with each other. The two were spotted holding hands in November 2020 which was 10 months after Hudgens and her ex-boyfriend, Austin Butler, split up after nine years of dating.