Naomi Biden and Peter Neal

President Biden’s granddaughter celebrates engagement with her boyfriend

Naomi Biden and her boyfriend Peter Neal have been dating since 2018.

President Joe Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi Biden, is celebrating her engagement with her long-term boyfriend, Peter Neal. She made the announcement over social media.

Naomi Biden used Instagram to share the happy news.

On Saturday, the law student from Columbia University, shared a photo of herself and Peter, showing off her beautiful engagement ring. She captioned it: “Forever.”

Recently, the couple spent some time in Italy, spending time with their friends, Tarek Shakarchi and Tulya Efe, who were getting married. Naomi shared some photos of the event, looking in love and happy with Peter as she wore a pink and breezy dress and he wore a suit and paired them with comfortable-looking shoes. “Thought this was an engagement pic at first glance,” read one of the comments.

Naomi is the daughter of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle and has been dating Peter Neal since 2018. Peter is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. The couple has long been interested in politics and in working for the public, last year creating a website Coronavirus Aid and Relief Guide developed with the goal of helping people whose finances were impacted by coronavirus lockdowns.

Naomi is pretty active on social media, frequently posting images with her friends and boyfriend on Instagram while sticking to politics on Twitter. Naomi comments on Biden’s policies and defends him against his detractors.

President Biden Celebrates Independence Day With BBQ And Fireworks©GettyImages
President Biden and his family celebrate Independence Day.

Joe and Naomi are very close. Naomi was named after Joe’s late daughter, who died in a tragic car crash alongside her mother, Neilia, in 1972. This accident occurred shortly after Biden was elected to serve in the U.S. Senate and has been a moment that he’s mentioned often as one of the toughest in his life.

When it comes to Naomi’s career, she has long been invested in politics and appears to have a promising future in that area. She’s joined her grandfather in international trips to places like New Zealand and China and has experienced firsthand some of the perks and pitfalls of having a long-term career in politics.

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