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Ciara shares hilarious video of Russell Wilson after wisdom teeth surgery

“Oh my god, this is ridiculous.”

Stars, they’re just like us!

Russell Wilson had to get his wisdom teeth removed over the weekend, which resulted in some absolutely hilarious anesthesia-induced behavior. Luckily for us, his wife, Ciara, caught the whole thing on camera.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback shared some footage showing the aftermath of his surgery in an Instagram Story on Sunday, May 2. In the short clip, you can hear the “Body Party” singer let out a soft giggle as her husband desperately tries to talk and points to his mouth.

“Oh my god,” Ciara said. “This is ridiculous.”

“Numbing…Just woke up from anesthesia,” he captioned the video, which showed him looking comfortable and sleek in a velour sweatsuit and a pair of aviator sunglasses. “4 wisdom teeth gone!”

Much like the rest of the wisdom teeth videos on the internet, the fun was far from over after that small clip, with much more entertainment to be captured. In a second video, the NFL star can be seen trying his hardest to communicate what he was feeling, but he simply couldn’t get his words out clearly.

As he wrote in the caption, “Myyy lippps hurrrttt”--but you wouldn’t know that’s what he saying from the video alone.

When Wilson isn’t getting dental surgery done, he’s using his status as a high profile athlete to help those in need.

According to reports from The Seattle Times, Russell and Ciara paid a virtual visit to 900 students at Denny International Middle School in Seattle last week. During a presentation entitled “Building Wealth – A Blueprint to Financial Freedom Inspired by Hip Hop,” students at the middle school spent the day following the rapper Jay-Z’s story of success.

Midway through this presentation, the couple dropped in to surprise the students and talk financial literacy with the students. Not only that, they ended up donating about $35,000, which means each student will be getting a savings account with $40 of seed money.

“All these things can pay back tremendously if you invest in them in the right way,” Ciara said to the students. “Investing is very powerful and it will also allow you to create an opportunity to build legacy for your family.”

“Financial literacy and building wealth is so important,” explained Wilson. “Ciara and I really wanted to talk to you all because we didn’t come from much and we had big visions, we had big goals, big dreams.”

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