Gael García and Fer Aragonés at the "Old" New York Premiere
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Gael García said he is ‘excited’ for his first baby with Fernanda Aragonés

The couple made their first public appearance after the announcement of their pregnancy

Gael García and Fernanda Aragonés made their first public appearance after the announcement of their pregnancy, during the red carpet of the premiere of the actor’s latest film, Old. Their arrival caused a stir among the press and photographers, who wanted to capture the former model and her growing baby bump.

Although the couple wanted to stay away from personal questions and focus exclusively on the movie, Gael told Primer Impacto that he is ‘excited’ for his first baby. Aragonés also revealed that she already knows the baby’s gender and when she is giving birth; however, she preferred to keep it private.

"Old" New York Premiere©GettyImages

Another thing that caught everyone’s attention is Gael’s new appearance. The actor arrived at the emblematic Lincoln Center, wearing a dark suit and white shirt and rocking blond hair. According to our sister magazine ¡Hola! México, his new look is part of a movie he is currently filming. His character, an openly gay Mexican wrestler known as Cassandro, is known in wrestling for his extravagant looks, heavy makeup, and light hair.

"Old" New York Premiere©GettyImages

For the event, Fernanda chose an edgy black dress and white bottom with zippered shoulders. Contrary to her partner, she kept her hair natural with loose curls and light makeup.

Earlier this month, Aragonés announced she was expecting another baby during an interview with L’Beauté. “I am very aware of how amazing and important it is to be able to create life. I think that is why I feel beautiful and more secure than ever,“ said the future mother, who also revealed that her second pregnancy comes 12 years after giving birth to her daughter Emilia.

“12 years passed between my first pregnancy and my second. Getting pregnant again reaffirms me: I am totally another person than I was at 23, even — or above all — emotionally,” she told the publication. “On one hand, in my first pregnancy, I traveled all the time, I ran in heels everywhere, I organized a Fashion Week as I prepared breakfast. This time the process has been more… serious. I’m already grown up.”

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I felt incredibly safe, calm, and content, but detached from my body; as if I was on hiatus and had lent my body to her,” she revealed. “Everything was very new and shocking to me. This time I have not been waiting for what will happen to my body. I already had an idea of the path, and that has helped me to flow and condense. Let it be fun. I have managed to enjoy without fear,” she concluded.

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