Lionel Messi y sus hijos

The epic way Messi’s wife and kids celebrated his iconic victory

Three key moments: the video call from the field, his reunion with Antonella Roccuzzo and how his little ones cheered him on

Lionel Messi had a pending accomplishment in his soccer career and it was to win a trophy for his own team. Yesterday, the Argentine star and his team were proclaimed champions of the Copa América 2021 by defeating Brazil 1-0 in the final of the oldest championship in the world.

He had won everything with Barcelona, but at club level, he had many painful defeats and Messi had yet to win the title for his country. Now that dream has been fulfilled and has left us with a series of emotional memories of the celebration of this great moment in sports history and the life of this athlete, his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo and their three little sons.

Lionel Messi©@antonelaroccuzzo
Lionel Messi celebrates his first title with the Argentine national team

During this meaningful life-changing game, we also got to meet his three sons Mateo, Ciro and Thiago, who made an appearance on his wife’s Instagram cheering and celebrating their dad with text that read: “Te amamos papi!!!”

However, one of our favorite and most cutest moment was when in the midst of his joy - right on the soccer field in Rio de Janeiro -Messi immediately had a video call with his wife and kids, which of course went viral because it was full of emotions. We could feel his love for Antonella as he glowed with happiness.

Argentina’s number “10” was overwhelmed by excitement and he proudly showed his wife, Antonela, the gold medal over and over as he repeated: ”Ciro look, look” And he ended with a romantic message to his wife: ”I love too, I love you.”

Then, at the press conference, after his iconic win, Messi shared how incredible it was to realize this ambition and make his family proud.

“I dreamed about this many times, I thought a lot about my family who have suffered a lot. We have had a very sad vacations. This is incredible.”

Another moment that captivated the hearts of many on social media was the long-awaited reunion between him and his wife. After the sporting event in Brazil, the Argentine team returned to their home country to enjoy a few days of rest. The cameras, which were all waiting for their arrival captured the very touching moment in which Messi’s wife Antonella ran towards him and embraced him with affection.

Just like we see in romantic movies, she leaped into his arms, they exchanged a few words and kissed, a video footage that has now been shared millions of times on social media. One user even stated, “now I know what Bad Bunny meant when he said he wants to be Messi and you my Antonella.”

But without a doubt, his kids also stole the show as they cheered for his dad’s great victory. From the beginning of the championship, the three of them effusively supported their father and even dared to sing one of the most iconic songs of the Argentine team as seen in the tender video below in which they three of them embrace each other in a total state of euphoria.