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Injuries on Set

Nick Jonas broke a rib while competing against his brothers in a new Olympics inspired show

The 28-year-old might have taken things too far which led to his injury.

Nick Jonas seems to love a little adventure but sometimes unfortunately too much fun can lead to injuries. While recently competing in a BMX bike race for a new TV Olympics show, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers injured himself.

During one of the days of filming the one-off TV competition show, called ‘Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers,’ Jonas found himself needing medical attention for a broken rib. “We did hurdles, gymnastics, and BMX biking,” he told U.S. breakfast show Today, ”and on the BMX biking I had a little bit of a spill, which caused me to have a little bit of a broken rib, but it‘s all good, and it’s gonna make amazing TV!”

‘Olympics Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers’ is part of NBC‘s Summer Olympics coverage. The show will feature the brothers competing “in a series of athletic challenges.”

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When asked who is the most competitive out of him and his two brothers, Kevin and Joe, the 28-year-old responded saying, “We‘re definitely competitive. I don’t think the show did the best job showing who was the most athletic, just ’cause we were kinda out of our element a little bit.”

In addition to ‘Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers,’ the brothers released a special version of their song, ‘Remember This,’ in honor of Team USA for this summer’s Tokyo Olympics. The special version of the song will debut during their show which airs right before the opening ceremony on July 21.

“I always dreamed of being a part of the Olympics, but as an athlete! But the song will do!” Jonas said.