First look of Camila Cabello as a modern-day Cinderella
Latina princess

Camila Cabello hopes more doors open after her acting debut in ‘Cinderella’

“I fell in love with the experience and acting,” she said

Camila Cabello is days away from celebrating and sharing with the world her first movie. The singer and now actress became a modern-day Cinderella for Amazon Studios’ upcoming film with the same name.

Contrary to the story we all knew, Amazon’s Cinderella is a modern musical with a bold take where our ambitious princess perseveres to have a career instead of quitting everything for love.

First look of Camila Cabello as a modern-day Cinderella©Amazon Prime Video

Cinderella will exclusively premiere on Prime Video on September 3rd, 2021. Ahead of the release date, the Cuban-American star held a virtual press conference, in which HOLA! USA had the chance to be part of and submit questions.

The “Havana” interpreter said that although she doesn’t have any offers at the moment, she hopes that Cinderella will open her path for more roles. “I don’t have anything planned after the ‘Cinderella’ release, but I fell in love with the experience and acting, so I hope this is the beginning of many more opportunities,” Cabello said.

First look of Camila Cabello as a modern-day Cinderella©Amazon Prime Video

According to the star, she worked hard with an acting coach to deliver the best performance. “I prepared myself with Anthony Meindl, whose a great coach and a good friend of mine,” reveal the actress. “I started studying the script and doing the mood boards and watching musicals and movies, but the most memorable part is to be present and share with the other actors and collaborators. It is all about having fun and not taking everything so seriously. It is good to highlight that it doesn’t matter how much you prepared; it is what happens at the moment.”

Camila’s first role is a big win for the Hispanic and Latinx community. Although Cinderella is not a character created to represent specifically Latin American women, Cabello is advancing the visibility of our community. During the press conference, HOLA! USA asked the star, besides being a Latina actress playing the leading role, what else became a no-brainer when joining the project.

“Representation and diversity was a significant factor. If you see in the movie Billy Porter plays the role of an entity that exists without gender, you don’t know if it is a woman or man; it is just a magical entity, and to me, having someone like Billy representing the fairy godmother is another way to help people and younger generations feel represented,” the star said.

Camila Cabello and director Kay Cannon on the set of CINDERELLA, Photo: Kerry Brown. Courtesy of Amazon Studios.©Photo: Kerry Brown. Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Camila Cabello and director Kay Cannon on the set of CINDERELLA

Cinderella is written and directed by Kay Cannon and produced by Leo Pearlman, James Corden, Jonathan Kadin, and Shannon McIntosh. Besides Cabello, the film features Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan.

“Although many elements of the classic Cinderella story are timeless, I really wanted to reach out to a new generation through contemporary touches on many of the old-fashioned ways,” said Cannon. “The opportunity to completely disrupt some of those classic themes was exciting to me, and I couldn‘t wait to retell this story in a way that would be more relatable with what girls, including my daughter, who is almost eight years old.”

“Our Cinderella is not just a pretty face waiting to be saved by a prince. She is expressive, active, resourceful, and fearless; she has dreams and wants to be independent,” the movie director added. “Her top priority is her career, in an age when women couldn‘t have one. Our Cinderella is someone parents can see their children look up to in a new way, and I hope families can laugh, sing and dance as they all watch this movie together. If you know the song, let me hear you!”

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