Anuel AA & Karol G Upcoming Latin America Tour - Press Conference
It’s official

Anuel AA confirms break-up with Karol G over Instagram live: see the singer’s response

“I love you Emmanuel,” Karol G wrote in a statement

A month after reports that Anuel AA and Karol G ended their engagement, the singers have confirmed the split. On Tuesday April 20th the Latin trap pioneer jumped on Instagram live and explained in Spanish, that he and “Karo” are no longer together. “Time has gone by,” he said, and they’ve been broken up for the last 4-4.5 months. According to the singer it was out of their control and there is no bad blood or ill communications and he asks that people stop creating crazy controversies. Despite reports that there was a “third party” involved, he assured fans there was no infidelity and the split was just “something that happens in life” with couples and will continue to happen. Anuel also asked that people stop asking unnecessary or pointless questions because it’s over.

After Anuel’s Instagram live Karol took to Instagram stories with her own statement. The Colombian singer wrote, “If just accepting it is hard enough, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people. For a long time we tried to keep our relationship away from social networks in order to take care of ourselves.” She continued, “We have never used our relationship for marketing purposes, not today, not even 3 years ago. We were two people with public lives who wanted to have a normal relationship and that‘s why we never hid it from the public. The incredible things that happened to both of us as people and as artists, was a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that came to each of us at the moment we needed it the most.” Karol then thanked their fans and assured their love was real, and magical. “Thank you all for joining us in our crazy antic. The love we felt from everyone during these almost 3 years was unmatched and incredible and to vibrate together with you was magical.” The touching statement ended with, “I love you Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family and everything we lived, grew and learned together is infinite.”

Karol G's statement in response to split from Anuel AA©Karol G
Karol G‘s statement

News of Anuel and Karol’s breakup came March 12th, the same day it was first reported that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguezcalled it quits. Anuel is currently trending on Twitter with thousands of heartbroken fans reacting to news of the split with many saying they no longer believe in love.

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