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Zac Efron tries to celebrate Earth Day but sparks plastic surgery rumors

Efron just wanted people to think about Mother Earth

Zac Efron is Twitter’s latest victim after a screenshot of the actor has gone viral with many saying he has a “new face.” The picture is from a virtual Earth Day celebration hosted by Bill Nye and Justin Bieber that was posted to social media on April 21st. The “Down To Earth” star had a brief cameo in the video for the musical and praised Nye for being a “genius.” Once the screengrab was posted to Twitter, it spread like wildfire. Efron has since been trending on Twitter with hundreds of memes, opinions, and tweets about his appearance..

Many believe that Efron is a victim of bad botox and unnecessary jaw fillers. While there are plenty of hateful tweets about Efron’s face, others have expressed their sympathy and pointed to his struggles with body image. One tweet read, “A lot of y’all don’t remember what Zac Efron looks like, his struggle with body image/eating disorders, general aging, and drug use.”

Another user wrote, “i feel really bad for zac efron actually. people were being so awful about his looks when his lil wilderness show was on, despite the fact that he literally looked fine. people can’t accept that he’s not going to look 21 for the rest of his life.” One user said it doesn’t look like filler and suggested he could be battling something serious. “y’all are way too quick to give your unnecessary opinions of disdain towards others appearances. zac efron could be battling something serious and y’all are crying about fillers” they wrote.

Efron has a whole show about looking for solutions to climate change and is vocal about his passion for environmental issues. A fan commented on his activism sharing photos of Efron from his show tweeting, “while Zac Efron is out there spreading awareness for our planet earth, y’all are behind a screen bullying him for his appearance. follow zac’s example and go do something important with your lives. thank you.”

At the very least, hopefully, the drama still had some people thinking about Earth day for reasons other than Efron’s smooth face. It’s unfortunate that the industry puts so much pressure on celebrities to never age and remain eternally youthful but if Efron decided to get some work done it is his choice. If the “Dirty Grandpa” actor needs some support through the Twitter roast he can call another celeb that constantly deals with plastic surgery accusations like Khloé Kardashian, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, or even Drake.

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