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Daniella Álvarez pens an emotional message after one year of losing her leg

“That day, I really knew the meaning of the word ACCEPTANCE,” she wrote

In the summer of 2020, Daniella Álvarez received the news that her leg had to be amputated due to complications after doctors removed a coin-sized mass from her abdomen. Although the event saddened the world, the former Miss Colombia showed strength and determination to continue living her life despite missing a limb.

A year after the amputation, Álvarez revisited the moment of her diagnosis to pen a heartfelt message of self-compassion, self-love, and personal growth.

Daniella Álvarez©@danielaalvareztv
Daniella Álvarez before getting her leg amputated

“Today, a year ago, I had to take the most complex emotional blow I have ever faced in my life, losing a part of my body,” she wrote. “That day, I really knew the meaning of the word ACCEPTANCE, a definition that has helped me understand, value myself, and thank God and the Virgen every day for this second chance.”

According to the model and former beauty pageant, she has found strength in her support system.

Daniella Álvarez©@danielaalvareztv

“Thanks to my family for the infinite love that kept me strong. To my mother for the courage and bravery with which she sustained me every day. And you who with so many prayers and messages gave me the courage to fight,” she added.

“Today, I woke up without pain, healthy and HAPPY to be on this path called LIFE, which with its difficulties, today is more interesting and challenging for me,” she revealed. “As one of my physios @ibethcarvajal told me yesterday, ‘adversity is opportunity.’ And it is true; we grow up believing that the difficulty is what slows us down, affects us, and victimizes us, and it is the opposite!”

“It is the opportunity to test ourselves, grow, and reach places we never imagined, feeling tremendous personal gratification,” Álvarez continued, thanking her doctors Gilbertico Mejia, Juan Guillermo Barrera; Emilio Cortes, and @willydaza “for saving my life.”

Daniella Álvarez©@danielaalvareztv

“Today, I am healthy thanks to you who, with so much love and dedication, brought me forward,” she said. “My nurses, my little angels 😇! And to all those who have been part of my recovery. We continue in the fight. 🙏💪❤️🦿”

The former Miss Universe contestant lost her leg after routine surgery, became a nightmare when the blood to her left leg cut off. During the procedure, the blood stopped flowing to the lower part of her left leg, rushing doctors at Fundacion Cardioinfantil Hospital in Colombia to amputate the lower half to mitigate any further complications for Daniella.

During the surgery, doctors noticed that the mass in Daniella’s stomach had wrapped her main aorta, causing her to experience ischemia (when not enough blood reaches an organ or body part). “I want to share with all of you the new me; I love my body the same as before and am happy to be in the world and be able to tackle all of the new challenges that lay ahead,” the model wrote at the time. “I know that with God’s help, everything is possible. ‘Feet, why do I need them when I have wings to fly’ 😊🙏🙏 let’s keep moving forward.”

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