Carlos Calderon and Vanessa Lyon

The sweet reason Carlos Calderón and Vanessa Lyon kept their pregnancy a secret

They have less than 40 days before they are parents

Celebrities usually like to keep their pregnancies a secret for the first couple of months, unless you’re Kylie Jenner… or Carlos Calderón. The Despierta America host announced Thursday, July 15, that his fiance, Vanessa Lyon, is pregnant with their first child. But she’s not just pregnant, she’s PREGNANT, as in 8 months and a little over a month away from giving birth. The Mexican host made the big reveal on live TV in front of his Despierta America family and the reason they kept it a secret for so long is actually super sweet- he didn’t want to take any of the attention away from his co-host Francisca Lachapel’s pregnancy. Read all the details below.

The couple has been together since 2020 but they went public in early January. Calderon made the adorable announcement by letting the audience see it with their own eyes. “We have a surprise for you that you will not believe,” he said before leaving and re-entering with his fiancée, “With you ... I present” while showing the very pregnant Venezuelan model and actress’ belly. “I’m going to be the most famous father on TV” he quipped. His co-host Lachapel gave birth to her baby Gennaro on July 8th and Calderon explained, “We were already urging Gennaro to be born because we couldn’t break the news. We did not want to take this role away from our beloved Francisca.”

The future parents found out on New Year‘s Eve that they were expecting after taking several pregnancy tests. Now, they have less than 40 days before welcoming their first child. In a recent interview with PEOPLE en Espanol, the 48-year old revealed that he thought he wouldn’t be able to have children because of his age.

The couple got engaged in early May after a romantic helicopter right but they are going to put the wedding planning on hold so she doesn’t have a belly. “We’ve been thinking about getting married, but we don’t want to both get married with a belly. We better wait. We are focusing on the baby shower and that has been our goal,” the TV host told PEOPLE. They also expect to reveal the sex of the baby at the shower, but it seems like Calderon’s subconscious thinks it’s going to be a girl. “I‘m 50/50. I’ve had a couple of dreams that I was a girl, but maybe I’m hallucinating,” Calderón told the outlet. “We have names, but Vane wants it to be a surprise,” he added.

As for the mom to be she said she is fearful about having a girl in this dangerous world, “I have mixed feelings. I always said that I was a boy because girls are bait for the world and I am like a lioness, I go crazy if someone touches her; there are many predators out there,“ said Lyon. ”But at the same time, I am open to the idea (that it is a girl) because I do not want to predispose myself. I am in whatever comes.”


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