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Is Karol G’s new tattoo a tribute to Anuel AA?

Did he win her back?

Karol G took to Instagram over the weekend to show off her new tattoo, immediately sparking rumors of reconciliation between her and her ex-fiancé, Anuel AA.

The “BICHOTA” singer posted a short clip to her Instagram Stories showing off the tiny new tattoo on her shoulder: an 8 ball. While some viewers thought nothing of the new ink, other eagle-eyes fans remembered an old tweet from Karol, who tweeted about her then-fiancé using that very symbol.

On May 29, 2020, the Colombian artist tweeted Anuel AA’s full name, Emmanuel, in all capital letters along with three emojis: an 8 ball, a flame, and a rocket.

At the time, Karol was supporting the release of Anuel’s self-titled second studio album, but obviously, her choice of emojis has fans believing the 8 ball has some significance in their relationship.

While getting a tattoo for a significant other is a big deal, Karol wouldn’t be the first in their relationship to do so. Anuel tattooed a huge photo of the two of them on his back before proposing to the singer years ago.

“The tattoo I got on my back is my face and my wife’s face basically, I haven’t even finished it, and it’s been a whole year that’s gone by,” he told GQ during the Tattoo Tour series in 2020. “I think it was the first picture that we took, nobody even knew we was together. I told her while I was laughing, but I was serious about it, and she was like ‘are you sure about that?’ because we had just started [dating].

Not only that, he also has her name, Carolina, tattooed on his left hand, in addition to his mother’s name and his son’s name.

“I always see it,” he said at the time. “Everything I do, I do it for my family. I want to keep them close.”

Anuel AA and Karol G called it quits earlier this year, but over the course of the past few weeks, the “Adicto” singer has been publicly declaring his love for her, begging his ex-fiancée to take him back during his recent performance at Baja Beach Fest.

While Karol has yet to respond to Anuel’s efforts to win her back, this tattoo could mean a reconciliation is on the horizon--or maybe, one already happened behind the scenes.

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