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Justin Bieber wishes Jaden Smith a happy birthday with heartfelt message

“Thank you for your constant efforts in making this world a better place!”

Justin Bieber had the sweetest message for his longtime friend, Jaden Smith, on his 23rd birthday.

The “Peaches” singer took to social media to let Smith know just how much he means to him, writing a heartfelt message about his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts making the world a better place.

“Happy birthday to my brother and best friend @c.syresmith,” he wrote on Instagram under a picture of the “Summertime in Paris” singer wrapping his arms around him. “Thank you for your constant efforts in making this world a better place! I am so inspired by you. Keep being the leader and innovator that you are, we all follow your lead 😘😘”

It’s no surprise that Bieber feels so strongly about his friendship with Smith, as the pair have been by one another’s side for a long time. Both artists know exactly what one another is going through, having both grown up in front of the camera and experiencing fame from such a young age.

The pair have long been a part of the young celebrity friend group in Hollywood that includes stars like Kylie Jenner, Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber, Willow Smith, and Kendall Jenner. These two never shied away from flaunting their friendship publicly, and along with hanging out together in their personal lives, the artists have also collaborated professionally, releasing songs together including, “Never Say Never,” “Fairytale,” and “You Make Me Better.”

It seems like getting married has really grounded the formerly-troubled pop star, and in recent months, Justin Bieber has made a huge effort to tell the people he loves the most how much they really mean to him.

Back in May, the “One Less Lonely Girl” took to Instagram to share a series of photos of himself spending time with his “beautiful” goddaughter Jiselle, 23 months, and godson Jason Asher, 3 and a half. Both children belong to Bieber’s frequent musical collaborator Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd and his wife, Ashley.

“My beautiful GodDaughter Jiselle and Godson lil Jas,” Bieber wrote in his caption. “I love you two so much, so lucky to be in your life!”