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Kid Rock compares himself to Brad Pitt and the internet can’t stand it

Twitter users have very strong opinions on the differences between Kid Rock and Brad Pitt.

Kid Rock is involved in yet another controversy. The singer and rapper just released a music video for his song, “Don’t Tell Me How To Live,” where he draws comparisons between himself and figures like Bruce Springsteen and James Dean. He also says that he looks like Brad Pitt, which the internet took an immediate stance against, having to draw the line somewhere.

The music video is full of crazy sequences and lyrics, and was dropped on November 19th. Kid Rock, born Robert Richie, uses the song to complain about millennials and “snowflakes;” basically the standard complaints that guys over a certain age loves to make. But the part that most people are discussing are the comparisons Kid Rock draws between himself and beloved American icons; while people were a little shocked to hear the names Bruce Springsteen and James Deen, they were outraged when the heard the name Brad Pitt.

“So now Kid Rock wants to compare himself to Brad Pitt. REALLY??? YOU BE THE JUDGE,” wrote someone on Twitter, submitting shirtless photos of both as evidence.

More Twitter users added in their replies, including GIFs of people cracking up and all sorts of jokes. “Kid Rock living the delusional life while comparing himself to Willie Nelson, David Lee Roth, Springsteen, & Brad Pitt ... I may need medical help cuz I can‘t breathe,” wrote another user.

Kid Rock has long been a polarizing figure, from his music to his behavior on and off the stage. He was memorably married to Pamela Anderson, back when he was younger and the comparisons between himself and Brad Pitt weren’t as shocking. The couple met in 2001 and married in 2006. While they were divorced a year later and parted ways quite unhappily, their relationship lasted for a few years, where they made a lot of headlines.

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