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Zabryna Guevara talks celebrating her Venezuelan culture with her role on 'Emergence'

The actress plays Dr. Fraser on the primetime ABC thriller

Zabryna Guevara’s latest series Emergence is close to her heart and her heritage. The veteran actor, who has a love for the supernatural, plays Dr. Fraser on the ABC series that follows the mystery surrounding a young girl who survives a plane crash. While she steps into her favorite genre, she credits the show's creators for allowing her character to unapologetically celebrate her Latin heritage.

“One thing that we are adding into the show, that I do love, I wear my wedding ring on my right hand because of Venezuelan tradition,” she tells HOLA! USA. “So when I was talking to the creators they go, ‘I think you’re married and I like that. And that’s the way it’s going to stay on the show.’ I often come across that and they’re like we’ll change it or just get rid of them all together. I just love that we get to have a bit of my culture.” The New Amsterdam star spoke about the stellar cast of Emergence and why she is enjoying stepping into Dr. Fraser’s robe. Scroll ahead for more with Zabryna.

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Zabryna Guevara opens up about how her latest role celebrates her Venezuelan heritage

HOLA! USA: Can you tell us about Dr. Fraser?

Zabryna Guevara: I’m the pediatrician that does the workout on this little girl that we found mysteriously at a crash site. As we start to discover what her memory loss is due to and the things that happen when we’re around her, I’m fully pulled into this conspiracy that is fully beyond any our expectations and I’m one of the people figuring it out as we go along.

Emergence has plenty of Sci-Fi elements, did you get pulled into the supernatural on set?

I love Sci-Fi so it’s kind of a little bit freaking out every time I go to set. I haven’t been part of the scenes with the big sci-fi tricks yet. So I’m looking forward to the opportunity to have things flying around or whatever the heck they decide to do if I decide to witness it.

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The actress plays Dr. Fraser on the ABC thriller

Two of the series stars are young actresses [Alexa Swinton] and [Ashley Aufderheide] did they come to you for any advice?

They’re really well adjusted, lovely beautiful girls. Poised and talented they put me to shame with one little look at the camera [laughs]. I’m like ‘you just got that whole scene I see.’ I really don’t take up the mantel of mentor unless somebody asks for it. Not that I would say no!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! How important is it for you and others to celebrate and shine a light on the culture during this time?

I think it’s important to recognize just how much the Latino community has had an integral part of the tapestry that has built this country and for everyone to acknowledge that even if it’s just for a month. Especially with people’s attitudes towards immigration and immigrants, I think it’s an important touch stone for people to kind of humanize a part of society that has of late been dehumanized. So, yeah wave that flag and be who we are proudly and accept that we are also part of this country!

Emergence starring Allison Tolman, Donald Fasion premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 10pm on ABC.

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