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'Party of Five' reboot sets out to capture our hearts - see first look here

Follow the Acosta family as they navigate their new reality.

Everyone remembers the Party of Five of the 90s — a heart-gripping family drama surrounding five siblings who were forced to face life on their own after the loss of their parents. The new and reimagined series, follows the story of the Acosta siblings (Emilio, Lucia, Beto, Valentina and baby Rafael) as they face the daily struggles left in the wake of the deportation of their parents (Gloria and Javier) to Mexico.

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Like the original five, the series will showcase how each sibling reacts and evolves in the absence of their parents and the effects that parental loss can have on the development of a young family. When asked about why they choose to reboot the original show, creator Amy Lippman shared “Three years ago, we began to read stories about immigrant families that were going to be separated. It seemed as if the story that we told about kids living on their own in the wake of their parents’ sudden absence was a story that was playing out in newspapers everywhere.”

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The creators wanted to make sure that the show that they were presenting was as authentic as possible and pulled storylines and events from things that they would see on the news. Amy shared “In the second episode we have Lucia (Emily Tosta) step in to intervene in an arrest where they are trying to establish their citizenship. We took that from a [social media] Clip of an activist doing just that. We’re using real situations, because there are people who are fighting this fight every day.”

We will see how Emilio, the eldest child, deals with his loss of freedom; Lucia, the eldest daughter and second child, shift from straight-A student to rebellious activist; Beto, the middle child, find his way and become the head of the family; and Valentina, the youngest sister navigate adolescence without the help of her mother.

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There is a huge family presence on and off screen between all the actors


The updated and reimagined version of this iconic show will be led by the original series creators Amy Lippman and Christopher Keyser along with executive producer Rodrigo Garcia (son of literary legend Gabriel García Márquez) and co-executive producer Michal Zebede. The show is set to premiere on Wednesday, January 8th, on Freeform.

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