Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony's weird request got his personal assistant into a spot of trouble

Autocorrect changed the singer's words and hilarity ensued

Celebrities’ personal assistants are used to getting all kinds of crazy requests from their bosses, and sometimes these requests can put them in strange situations… which is exactly what happened with Marc Anthony’s personal assistant. The singer asked her to pick up some bandanas at the store, but his phone's autocorrect changed the word from 'bandanas' to 'bananas' (thanks, Siri!). It was so hilarious that Marc, who is typically quite discreet about his private life, shared the humorous exchange on social media.

Marc Anthony©@marcanthony
With this picture, the artist explained visually what a bandana actually is - always helpful!

The Vivir Mi Vida and Parecen Viernes singer explained how this confusion arose, which lead his assistant to go to the supermarket to fulfill the singular and very strange request. “Yesterday, I asked my assistant for different colored bandanas but spell check changed it to BANANAS,” Mark explained. He also shared a picture showing his followers what a bandana is: a handkerchief for the head.

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Marc shared the video of his assistant at the supermarket searching for colorful fruits @marcanthony

The 50-year-old went on with his story and he even shared the video that his assistant sent him from the supermarket fruit section. “She went on a wild goose chase for all different colors. This is her (the off-camera voice in the video) at the supermarket trying to find different color bananas. HAHA.”

In the clip there is a box full of bananas, while the voice off-camera is Mark’s employee probably thinking that this was the strangest request in the world. “So we found the bananas. We have a little green with little bruises, maybe a little brown and possibly pinkish… we have yellow, green… bright yellow bananas, but no red.”

Enjoying summer with one of his children

It seems like Marc is having a very fun summer, despite being set up for a series of shows in the following weeks. According to Marc’s ex wife Dayanara Torres, Ryan, one of the two children they share, is vacationing with his dad. He will soon go back to school and it will be harder for both of them to spend time together. In a few days the youngest of the two children will turn 16, while the oldest, Christian, will start college this fall.

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From left to right: Ryan, Marc Anthony and Christian