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Ferdinando Valencia and Brenda Kellerman announce that one of their twins went back to the hospital

The actors said that little Dante has not recovered from meningitis yet

After almost a month in the hospital, little Dante – one of Ferdinando Valencia and Brenda Kellerman’s twins - was finally discharged due to a case of severe meningitis. Twenty-three days of pure anguish later, baby Dante emerged victorious and was able to go home. Little did they know that shortly thereafter the baby would relapse (his twin brother, Tadeo, is doing well). Last Wednesday, the couple shared the sad news about Dante's relapse through a video. Dante and Tadeo had barely just turned two months old.

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Dante was hospitalized for 23 days due to meningitis, but unfortunately he went back to the hospital

Ferdinando and Brenda explained that Dante had to go back to the hospital because the disease returned more fiercely. "We have news for you. Our little Dante relapsed. He is in the hospital now. It seems that the meningitis and the bacteria were not fully cured and right now he is hospitalized. His condition is a bit more serious than last time," Brenda said.

Ferdinando said they hope this nightmare will end soon and he also asked his followers for prayers, positive thoughts and most of all, understanding. "We trust that we will make it. We trust in God who decides everything, who is in everything. We hope we will have news for you soon," he said. "Otherwise, please understand if we do not share news with you. I hope that you understand that there are things for which we like to have privacy."

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The couple welcomed their twins last April 24 in Coral Springs, Florida

Prayers for their babies

Valencia, who has acted in telenovelas like Simplemente María, explained the reason why they decided to share this painful news through one of their videos. “We are morally and physically weakened and we want to thank all of our friends who have been there with us. We are grateful for the strength of our family and most of all, at this time we need your prayers.”

“I, as a mother, and Fer, as a father, we ask you and we beg you for prayers for Dante, because we know that he is very strong, but prayers help a great deal more.”

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