Camila Cabello reveals why she and Shawn Mendes shared that kiss video©WireImage

Camila Cabello reveals why she and Shawn Mendes made that infamous kiss video

The 'Señorita' singers posted the PDA clip on social media

It was the kiss seen around the web, now Camila Cabello is revealing why she and Shawn Mendes decided to share the now-infamous video with the world. “Honestly, we thought it was really be funny,” she said during an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest. “It’s a weird thing to be like two people falling in love in the public eye,” the Señorita singer continued. “It’s just like a microscope on everything like even the way that you kiss, the way you hold hands, the way you hug. Everybody has something to say about it and we were just making fun of that, you know.”

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Last week, the couple posted the video on Shawn’s social media account in response to their PDA critics. “So we saw on Twitter and stuff you guys saying stuff about the way were kissing and how it looks weird like we kiss like fish,” Shawn said in the clip, to which Camila added, “Yeah, it really hurt our feelings.”

The former Fifth Harmony member told viewers that they wanted to show them how they “really kiss.” However, instead of embracing in a passionate smooch, the pair turned the makeout session into a joke essentially licking each other's faces before bursting into laughter in the end.

Camila Cabello reveals why she and Shawn Mendes shared that kiss video©Grosby Group
Shawn and Camila have been spotted kissing out and about multiple times

While Camila, 22, and Shawn, 21, are certainly not shy when it comes to PDA, the Cuban beauty recently told ELLE magazine that she is protective of her romantic relationships “to a maddening degree.” She explained, “Love is the most sacred, precious thing to me. I want to always feel like my love is between me and that person, and never belonging to anyone else.”

Camila added, “As much as I love my fans, and as much as I love people, I like to live my life as normally as possible. In a relationship, it makes me feel uncomfortable to invite everyone in on that.”

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