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Sofia Carson says emotional goodbye to 'Descendants' and Cameron Boyce: 'words fail me'

The entertainer opened up to the world as 'Descendants 3' premiered

It’s been an emotional month for Sofia Carson and her Descendants co-stars. Not only are they mourning the devastating death of their on and offscreen friend Cameron Boyce, who shockingly passed away at the age of 20 on July 6, but the loss of the franchise which built their boundless love for each other. Descendants 3, the final film in the Kenny Ortega-helmed Disney Channel trilogy, premiered on Friday, August 3, closing a huge chapter for all involved. The 26-year-old performer honored her “core four” by opening up in an incredibly touching letter.

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Sofia Carson wrote an emotional farewell along with this character photo

Like many stars and fans, Sofia spent the Descendants 3 premiere evening reflecting. The American-Colombian exposed her heart as she penned a raw farewell to it all. “My Dearest Evie,” she began, “As I write this, I cannot bring myself to say goodbye to you… but this is not a goodbye.”

“You and I are bound at the heart from here until eternity. And until then I will love you, Evie. Forever and for always,” she continued. “Five years ago, I walked into an audition room, that, little did I know, would turn my whole world upside down and paint it a beautiful shade of blue. To say that you changed my life would be saying too little....But, if I’m being honest, I could never say enough. I could never find the words to express to you the fairytale you have gifted me.”

“You have taken me on the journey of a lifetime & this life time over (and a thousand lifetimes after that). Every precious moment, every memory, every laugh, every smile...has felt like pixie dust. The purest magic. A fairytale.”

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Sofia also touched on the devastating loss of co-star Cameron Boyce

She added: “But most of all, my dear Evie, you gifted me with an angel...My Cam. Our Cam. Who is looking down upon us today, dancing like only he knew how, laughing like only he (in the whole world) could make us laugh, and smiling as if everyday was heaven on earth. I thank you for every hug he gave me. The warm embrace I still feel, every waking day. What I would do, to hug him today.”

Summing it all up as best as she could, the entertainer scribed: “Five years, three movies, and here we are. My heart full, eyes watering, struggling to find the words to say...THANK YOU. It has been my HONOR.”

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The Descendants 3 core four: Cameron Boyce, Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron and Booboo Stewart

In a beautiful final beat, she personally addressed their “Descendants family,” saying that: “Today may be the end of our fairytale, but we are forevermore a family. You have gifted me with more joy than I could ever possibly express...Your love for Evie and for our beautiful world of purple and blue has been boundless...And gratitude to you, is infinite.”

Along with videos and photos of her “core four,” Sofia signed off with: “As my words fail me, I promise you this... You will forever be my family, And I will… Forever and always… Be your Evie. I love you, Your Sofia.

In addition to the ever-flowing comments of fans, some star friends immediately joined in to support Sofia. “Awww my Evie says thank you,” Jenna Dewan wrote for her and Channing Tatum’s child Everly. It was abundantly clear that Sofia’s words touched all eyes that read them. Our hearts go out to the whole Descendants family at this time.

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