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Roselyn Sanchez keeps it real about 'mommy guilt' and juggling the work/life balance

Roselyn Sanchez and Eva Longoria got together for a little girl talk for the May/June issue of HOLA! USA. Inside the magazine, the Grand Hotel actress and the show’s executive producer put their friendship on display and get real about the things they tackle in their personal lives and careers. Roselyn graces the cover with her husband Eric Winter and their children, Sebella, seven, and 18-month-old Dylan. The 46-year-old year gets candid about finding the balance between home and work.

Roselyn Sanchez, HOLA! USA©Omar Cruz
Roselyn Sanchez covers the latest issue of HOLA! USA with her family

Roselyn and her husband both admit they hate the idea of leaving their children for their jobs. In the spirit of keeping it real, the Puerto Rican beauty spoke about being a working mother. “I do get mommy guilt,” she told Eva inside the magazine. “Like when Sebella has a special function at school, and I’m not available because I’m working, and I think: ‘Am I making a mistake?’ Because I don’t want her as a teenager telling me, ‘You were never there for me.’ So I make it a point to be there for the important things.”

When it comes to their relationship, the Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha author keeps an open line of communication between her and her daughter. “I talk to her and say, ‘Sebi, I want to give you the best education possible; I love to work, but I work hard for you,’ she said. “I try to talk to her so that she understands. She’s very smart but young.”

Roselyn Sanchez and family©Omar Cruz
The Grand Hotel actress talks motherhood and work/life balance with BFF Eva Longoria

As a mother-of-two, Roselyn admits that the days of trying to be a flawless parent are gone. "With Sebella, everything had to be perfect, and we'd sanitize [everything],” she told Eva, who is a new mommy. “But after you have your second kid, it's like, 'Dude, you'll be fine." Read more from Roselyn and Eva’s interview in the latest issue of HOLA! USAavailable to subscribers on May 6 and on newsstands on May 17.

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