Father and baby conversations

You need to see this conversation between a father and his baby that has gone viral

There are people who may think that baby talk is just that—baby talk. But we're here to show you definitive proof that baby talk might be more than just adorable gibberish. A video of a baby boy having a full on conversation with his dad has gone viral, and sure, what he's saying is unintelligible, but his father still continues to talk to him as if what he's saying makes complete sense. "Only this child," the baby's mother Shanieke Pryor exclaimed after posting the video that has now gone viral and reached over 57 million views. "Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad." Keep scrolling to see the sweet interaction!

Father and baby conversations©Custom
A video of a father having a conversation with his son has gone viral with over 57 million views Photo: Shanieke Pryor

Here's the setting: the baby and his father are sitting on the couch having an intense conversation about whatever they're watching on TV. Everytime the baby goes off about something, the dad pretends to know what he's saying and quickly responds with excitement and phrases like, "Exactly what I was thinking!" and "Really? I thought the same thing." At one point, the father even asks his son his opinion on the plot and whether he understood something to which the baby responds with blabber and exaggerated gestures.

See the full ~conversation~ below:

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Besides the 57 million + views, the video has been shared over 1 million times and has over 300,000 comments. But the best part of all this is the fact that parents all around will get to see the importance of language and how speaking to your baby at any age is crucial.

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