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'Family must go on': Ferdinando Valencia gives an update on baby Dante

The telenovela actor's twin baby son Dante appears to be improving after 15 days in the hospital

Telenovela star Ferdinando Valencia and his TV host wife Brenda Kellerman shared news about their baby son Dante's health on their video channel, giving the clip the title: "Family Must Go On". The two-month-old, who has a twin brother Tadeo, was hospitalized fifteen days ago due to meningitis complications but seems to be improving day by day. The baby's heart is back to normal, his lungs and kidneys are working better, and some of the medications he has required are no longer needed. And his parents, of course, couldn't be happier.

In the heartfelt video, the couple also shows cute moments with Tadeo, Dante´s twin, who waits at home for his brother´s return

“Dante is moving," the actor joyfully declares in the video, while Brenda and a nurse approach Dante's hospital crib. Because of the infant's improvement, doctors have finally allowed some physical contact. “Calm down, my love, calm down Dante,” Ferdinando says with a sweet soft voice as the baby moves his little arm. “Here we are, you can do it, we need you so much. He's awake now, and he doesn't have that many cables, you´re doing so well!”, the actor continues as Dante opens his eyes.

After two weeks in the hospital, Brenda and Ferdinando were finally allowed to touch their son. “It was so beautiful when he saw us, it was a unique moment," said the actor, who, with his partner Brenda, has gone through the most difficult time of his life. Finally, though, they are feeling positive and seeing some light. “He´s going to be okay,” says Ferdinando hopefully, with Brenda adding, “As my brother says, he will be even better than Tadeo, soon!”

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After this hard time, Ferdinando and Brenda are finally feeling hopeful about Dante´s health

In the emotional video, the couple shares intimate moments with the baby, stroking his hair, holding his little hand, showing how hard it's been for them to be apart from him. “Dante is doing so well," Ferdinando says in the video, when back at home with Tadeo, “He's overcoming many of the problems, we hope he's going to survive and have a great life."

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