Selena Aztec Drawing

This Latino artist created an Aztec-inspired portrait of Selena Quintanilla

And it's available for purchase!

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Over the years, Selena Quintanilla has been the picture of inspiration for many artists. Her iconic look has graced bookbags, stickers and countless tees (like this one graphic tee that every Latina needs in her closet). But now, she's getting a different kind of treatment by Northwest Indiana artist Jorge Garza. Jorge, who goes by Quetza as a nod to his style of work, uses drawing and painting techniques that together, create a piece reminiscent of another era: Aztec art.

Prince Aztec©@quetzaart
Northwest Indiana artist Jorge Garza creates Aztec art

In his work you can see the particular features that honor Aztec art—the sharp lines and minute details. However, you can also see the Mexican culture infused within the drawings. In several, he includes skulls and snakes, both of which are prominent in the culture. Most recently, he's drawn iconic stars in his style, including Prince and Selena. Prince is portrayed on one knee holding his guitar and donning his famous purple costume.

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Selena is also portrayed wearing one of her most iconic costumes—the sparkly purple jumpsuit she wore during her last performance at the Houston Astrodome in Texas on February 26, 1995. When Jorge shared the picture of the Queen of Tejano, he got an overwhelming positive response. "I respect Selena and the influence she has had on Mexican-American culture so I uploaded it … and I did not expect the feedback I had," he told My San Antonio. "It's overwhelming."

Selena Aztec Drawing©@qetzaart
One of his most popular pieces is an illustration of Selena

Besides sharing his unique illustrations on social media, Jorge also has an online page where you can purchase his work of art. He sells art prints and t shirts as well as stickers, magnets and art zines. "I love Aztec artwork and it's been a big influence in my work," he told the publication.

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