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Elyfer Torres´ sizzling new life after the emotional finale of 'Betty en NY'

Just before the Mexican actress said goodbye to Betty she said ¡Hola! to fans with a fun bikini pic

"Thank you so much. Betty en NY changed my life," Elyfer Torres wrote alongside a post of pictures of the popular series finale where she is wearing a bridal gown. "I had the chance of doing what I love most on a daily basis, something that also shares the most beautiful message." This is the sweet way Mexican actress Elyfer, aka Betty, said goodbye to work colleagues and fans who have followed her adventures since the series was released in February. In the telenovela´s final episode, which aired on August 12, Betty finally makes her dream come true and – spoiler alert: stop reading right now if you haven´t watched it yet! – marries Don Armando, the man of her life. And what a journey it´s been for her!

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Betty and Armando had a fairy-tale wedding, now, what next?

Betty en NY is a remake of Colombian classic telenovela Yo soy Betty la Fea (a version of which starring America Ferrera, of course, Ugly Betty, aired on ABC 2006-2010) and as expected the adorable main character went through both physical and emotional changes. Telemundo has yet to confirm if there will be a second season after the epic last episode, but Elyfer has already a fully booked agenda. As she wrote on her post, she is very thankful for the chance of being Betty, but she hinted, "this is the first of many, you will see."

Elyfer Torres se convirtió en la protagonista de Betty en NY©@elyfertorres
In order to perform Betty, Elyfer did not wear any makeup or use any hairstyling product

The 22-year-old – who is a fully trained dancer and started studying theatre when she was twelve – was not allowed to post pictures with her real-life look until very recently, as Betty´s makeover was finally revealed. Two days before the finale, the Mexican beauty shared a stunning picture of herself in a bikini while on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Elyfer Torres también ha mostrado su otra cara©@elyfertorres
Elyfer showed she's a far cry from Betty in real life after sharing this sizzling bikini pic

While Elyfer awaits for a confirmation of the second series of Betty, Telemundo will release another production featuring the actress in the role of Gabriela Contreras, a famous Selena Quintanilla´s impersonator. El Secreto de Selena, based on the music legend´s life will be released on August 25. So it might be a goodbye (for now) for Betty, but it´s definitely a hello again Elyfer!