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Camila Cabello gives a lesson in self-love in inspiring post

The singer encouraged fans to practice self-care and self-love

Camila Cabello took a break to remind her fans to get help. The Shameless singer took to her social media to give her fans a lesson in mental health and self-care. In a message over a picture of her holding a sunflower, the 22-year-old wrote, “Love yourself more today. Love yourself more than your bad habits, love yourself more than the tendency to be frustrated at yourself, love yourself more than the fears that keep you from growing, love yourself more than comparing yourself to other people, love yourself more than any thought that isn’t pure understanding and patience for yourself. Love yourself more than anything that doesn’t serve you today.”

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Camila Cabello encouraged her fans to practice self-love and self-care

Next to the inspiring post, the Liar songstress took the time to explain why she wrote such an empowering message. “Sharing for anyone who may need it - for someone who strong-arms her way through literally everything, this has been such a huge lesson in my life lately. Struggling against struggle only makes it worse,” she wrote.

 Camila went on to explain that uplifting yourself instead of being negative is what is important and that your heart is your number one priority. The Easy songstress left her fans with helpful tips, “loosen your grip. soften your hands. ask yourself what you need. put nothing else above what your heart is asking for. is it patience? is it curiosity? is it kindness? is it love? get quiet, ask yourself what you need, and listen.”

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The singer has been candid about her journey to self care

In August, the Cuban American beauty took to her social media to offer some “life-changing” advice to her fans. In a message to her fans, the singer opened up about meditation and encouraged her fans to follow suit and “just breathe.”

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In September, Camila got candid about how shifting her attitude about herself helped her overcome her struggles. “I’m more gentle with myself,” the Havana songstress shared. “I think I naturally have less anxiety now, because I realized that so many of the things that brought it on weren’t so scary after all.”

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