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Finding her roots!

Ally Brooke hints at making a Spanish album and shares her mother’s reaction to her music

Ally Brooke is read to channel her roots and make a Spanish-language album

Ally Brooke has plans on taking over the Latin music space! The Dancing with the Stars competitor opens up about her dreams – while making enchiladas with her mother and aunt – on the premiere episode of FUSE’s Made From Scratch. After the 26-year-old opens up about her desire to make more music, her aunt quickly asks if she is going to “do Tejano.”

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Ally Brooke wants to channel her roots and do a Spanish album

“I would love to eventually, auntie,” the Higher singer shares. “I would love to do even more songs in Spanish. Ally, who is Mexican-American gives the women a hint at what she has coming next. “I’m constantly working on my craft and working on other things too,” she shared. “An eventual tour, and I’m working on an album right now. Different collaborations.”

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She continued: “I’m so excited – you know some of the collabs I have.” Life has always been a journey for the former Fifth Harmony star. Ally shared that since being born as a premature baby and starting her career, she has always faced challenges. Everything wasn’t in vein, as it has shaped the person she is and the type of music she makes. 

Although she has always had the support of her family, she revealed that her mom isn’t the first person to listen to her songs. “It’s so funny because you don’t even listen to the songs when I create them,” she quips to her mother. “You’re so funny. You get nervous, right?” Ally’s mom replied with her sweet reason. “I get nervous, but I like to listen to it with the fans,” she shared. “I kind of want to have the same reaction, get excited with them.”

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Ally said that she plans on paying homage to her Tejano roots

 Earlier this month, Ally’s art imitated life. The Por Favor singer sang the theme for Nickelodeon’s The Casagrandes. The historic moment, reminded her of home. “ The family is so hilarious and they’re really loud and funny and really involved in each other’s lives and [are] super close knit,” she told HOLA! USA. “That is exactly how my family is, they’re loud and crazy and funny. When I read it I was like wait this is literally my family. So it resonated so perfectly with me."

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