Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek rocks a bikini for a picture with a wild new friend

The actress shared a snap of herself with a turtle – but her sexy swimsuit stole the show

Salma Hayek made a little mistake on her social media, or did she? The 53-year-old shared a picture from an outing with a special friend. “I like #turtles on the beach,” she captioned the photo that sees her sitting on the grass wearing a barley there swimsuit. Salma quickly changed her tune as she posted a follow up photo this time, showcasing more of the suit and the animal. “Oops... I posted the right caption but the wrong picture without the #turtle #ISuckAtSocialMedia Vaya... escribí las palabras correctas pero me equivoqué de foto y puse una sin tortuga. Soy un caos para las redes sociales,” she teased with the turtle taking centerstage as she poses behind it.

Salma Hayek poses with a turtle on her Instagram account©@salmahayek
Salma Hayek had a hilarious social media mishap with a turtle

The picture comes after the Drunk Parents star posted a picture of her and another turtle, this time, in the woods. “I like #turtles in the woods Me gustan las tortugas en el bosque,” she captioned the photo of her and the turtle bonding in the woods. Is it the same turtle? There’s no telling where the Mexican beauty’s photos were shot. One thing that is certain however, is how amazing her body looks. Salma is no stranger to taking to her social media to show off her figure in the heat.

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In September, the Frida star shared a picture of her in a teal bikini in honor of her birthday. “Yes, tomorrow I’m 53. So!? Si, mañana cumplo 53,” she wrote as she once again put her social media skills and toned body on display. Earlier this year, the A-list actress revealed that she is completely in charge of her social media. “I don’t even know what to do,” she told Town and Country magazine in regards to managing her hilarious account.

Salma Hayek with a turtle in the woods©@salmahayek
The star poked fun at her social media skills

“I don’t even know how to do it. And funnily enough, I have almost 8.6 million followers.” She continued: “I I remember my first Boomerang. I did it, but it was without my head, and I got so frustrated I just posted it. I said, ‘Sorry, guys. I tried but I really can’t get it.” It’s good to know that she is the unapologetic Queen of her account.