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Boyband Overload!

CNCO and PrettyMuch team up for the epic crossover single ‘Me Necesita’

The Latin-American and American Canadian group dropped visuals for the single.

It’s boyband overload! PrettyMuch and CNCO teamed up for this fall’s new Urbano hit Me Necesita. The song and music video premiered Wednesday, October 23. The track, which translates to She Needs Me, is everything boyband dreams are made of. CNCO, made up of Joel Pimentel, Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Erick Colon and Zabdiel de Jesús, kick off the single in Spanish and PrettyMuch, made up of Edwin Honoret, Brandon Arreaga, Zion Kuwonnu, Austin Porter and Nick Mara, chimes in with their Hip-Hop and R&B inspired flare.

CNCO PrettyMuch soccer game©Youtube
CNCO and PrettyMuch teamed up for epic soccer match

 In true boyband fashion, the 10 heartthrobs deliver catchy lyrics of a girl who can’t get enough of them. “She want that. I give that. She come back, me necesita,” they sing. The video is equally as amusing as it sees the two groups going head-to-head in an epic game of soccer. “We’re about to witness the most epic match of the year going head to head for the first time,” an announcer says as the two groups take the screen. As the guy sing for their loves, they also compete to find out which group has the most skills.

In the end, it’s a tie match and what better way to celebrate than a dance off. The 10 group members end the visuals by showcasing their moves. In the run up to the song’s premiere, the two groups took to social media to tease the release with their millions of fans. Fans have been waiting in suspense for the mash up.

Me Necesita music video©Youtube
Fans have been waiting for the single to drop since the top of the year

Earlier this year, PrettyMuch spilled the beans about their upcoming single. In April, CNCO confirmed the single and opened up about working with their best friends. “Man, we love them,” Richard told Entertainment Tonight. “One of the guys [Edwin] wrote the song and they presented it to us, and we loved it. We figured; we might as well do history together.”

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