Sofia Vergara
Hard Day at Work!

Sofia Vergara hilariously avoids doing a stunt on set – see the hilarious photos

The 47-year-old will do anything, except go down the slide

Sofia Vergara will do a lot of things when it comes to getting into character, but stunts aren’t one of them. The Modern Family star took to her social media to share a hilarious round of photos from her day on set. “Screaming before anything is even happening,” she captioned the photo of her placed at the top of a slide with a look a terror. On her stories, the 47-year-old shared the calm before the stunt storm.

“On set, filming in Downtown L.A,” she said as she panned the camera across a rooftop pool. Everything seems to be working out fine for the actress until she posts the next photo. In the follow up pic, the Hot Pursuit star reveals that her stunt double stepped in and got the job done.

Sofia Vergara on set©@sofiavergara
Sofia Vergara shared a picture from her experience on set with a stunt

Sofia is currently working on the final season of the hit series Modern Family. For ten years, the actress has played Colombian beauty and wife to the family’s patriarch, Gloria Pritchett. Before the season 11 premiere, the actress took to her social media to share behind the scenes footage from set. Sofia’s social media often features she and the rest of her cast working on location and playing hilarious pranks on each other.

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Earlier this year, the Bottom of the Ninth star opened up about the final season of the show and how she feels about saying goodbye. “I don’t want it to be the end,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “I want it to be like Law and Order or CSI: Miami and go on and on and on. It’s such a great job, it’s such a pleasure to work with Ed O’Neill and the rest of the cast, I’m really going to miss them.”

Sofia Vergara does terrifying stunt©@sofiavergara
The star had her stunt double step in and take over

In another interview, Sofia talked about the impact her character Gloria has had on her personally. “I think that she has taken more from me, from my life, from my family, and the way that I live my life,” Sofia told Health magazine. “But of course, she’s a lot better than me in how intense she is with her family, and how completely dedicated she is in making the family work.” Adding: “She’s a character – she’s fake so she’s better.”

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