Eva Mendes eats straight from the pan because of her kids©Getty Images

Eva Mendes reveals she eats her meals straight from the pan for this relatable reason

Ryan Gosling’s leading lady called it ‘the joys of motherhood’

No plate? No problem. It’s only natural things change when you become a parent, and for Eva Mendes, that included the way she eats. The mom of two took to social media on Wednesday, October 23, to share a video of one of her recent meals, which she ate straight from the pan. “Oh the joys of motherhood,” she began the post. “No this isn’t a beautiful instagram shot of my food. It’s my reality. Not having breakfast until lunchtime and not having the time and the decency to serve myself on a plate.”

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Eva, 45, continued, “When did I start eating straight from the pan you ask? Oh you didn’t ask. I’ll tell you anyway. About 4 years ago. My oldest is 5. Do the math 🧡Any straight from the pan eating mamas out there? Can we start a support group? 🧡.”

The Hollywood star shares daughters Esmeralda, five, and Amada, three, with longtime partner Ryan Gosling. Eva recently opened up to HOLA! USA about balancing her career while being a full-time mother. "I feel overwhelmed, which is every day at certain parts of the day. It's going back to my mother, how did she do this alone in Cuba with three kids and then coming over to the United States alone,” she shared.

Eva Mendes shares her two daughters with partner Ryan Gosling©Getty Images
Eva Mendes shares her two daughters with partner Ryan Gosling

The fashion designer noted that her young daughters are “very opinionated and active as they should be,” but it can be maddening at times. Eva confessed, “I would say the hardest part about it is the mommy guilt that I feel. Even though I know that working is a necessity, but it's also good for them to see me work."

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