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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin share whether they are having more kids after their loss

The Baldwins open up about having more children after recent miscarriage

Following their painful loss, the Baldwins are opening up and sharing their story of healing with the world. The couple were on the red carpet of the American Musuem of Natural History Gala on Thursday, November 21, when they opened up about the future of their family and whether or not they will contiune to expand.

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Hilaria Baldwin shared with ET's Rachel Smith that she is doing as best she can, currently. She shared, "I'm much better than I was last week and coming out and talking about it and sharing I think has been very healing for me."

As she stood next to her husband, Alec Baldwin, she continued, "I have got a very good husband who has been there with me the whole time. Bringing me into the surgery, sort of being there when I wake up."

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin©GettyImages
This is the second loss that the couple experiences this year, the first in April 2019

Although this has been a difficult time for their family, the two shared that they would still like to continue expanding their family in the future.

Alec shared, "If you have kids, and if you're like us, sometimes you feel like you can't stop having kids. Every time we have them, we're like, 'This is great. Let's have more!'"

Hilaria followed up with, "We can't end on that note. I don't want to," Hilaria said. "At least, we're trying not to end on that note. Cause that was a sad note."

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