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Camila Cabello’s birthday message to her papa will make you cry

The ‘Havana’ songstress celebrated the other leading man in her life

Camila Cabello had a very special message for another important man in her life. The Señorita songstress couldn’t hide her emotions as she wished her father a happy birthday. “Every year for your birthday I write something on here and just because I love getting the chance to write and reflect about how lucky I feel to have you as my papa. I think of when I was a baby and every time I was crying you would hold me and I’d calm down,” she wrote. “I think of when you would tickle me and tickle Tofi until we peed our pants with laughter.”

Camila Cabello dad birthday wish©@camila_cabello
Camila Cabello got emotional as she wished her father a happy birthday

The 22-year-old went on to talk about a host of special moments she and her father have shared including, her first day of Kindergarten and how he would wake her up for high school, just for her to get back into the bed. One of the sweetest moments came when Camila spoke about the time she broke her chin and her father told her that the doctors would use “magic golden thread” to fix it. “I think of now that I’m older and the scratches and breaks and hurts are in my heart, and you look at me every time like you wish you could tell me there is magic thread and that it would make it go away,” she wrote. “But instead you just make me laugh while I’m crying, which; when you’re 22, is basically magic golden thread.”

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Camila ended her message with a thank you to her father for believing in her and for giving her the “strongest, most ferocious, silliest, purest love in the whole world.”

The Havana singer is never too cool to put her relationship with her parents on display whether it’s via social media or having them right be her side for any event. In 2018, the Never Be the Same singer praised her parents for their support and harrowing immigration story.

Camila Cabello message to father©@camila_cabello
The Havana singer shared a host of pictures featuring her leading man

“My parents’ story helps me to know what’s important in life,” she told the New York Times. “A lot of times you can be here and be on Twitter and you think that the world is the internet. But I know what it’s like in the places my family has come from and the struggles people go through.”

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