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Dreams come true!

Cardi B has words of wisdom for 10-year-old rapper

Cardi B is helping the next generation of rappers, one laugh at a time

Cardi B doesn’t just drop bars, she drops knowledge too! The Press rapper had a sweet meeting with aspiring rap superstar Young Dylan and had some words of encouragement for the up and coming lyricist. “First things first, it’s all about practicing. I feel like you need to keep rapping,” she told Dylan when he asked what he should do to improve his craft. “Once you have that manly voice, you’re going to be prepared you’re gonna be killing it.”

Cardi B chats with Young Dylan on the Ellen DeGeneres Show©Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Cardi B had words of encouragement for rapper Young Dylan

In the age of social media, Cardi also shared the importance of capturing all of his special moments. After the rap duo bonded over Travis Scott’s Look Mom, I Can Fly documentary, the 26-year-old suggested he take a page out of his book.

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“Just make sure you record every single time that you rap,” the told the ten-year-old Maryland native. “He [Travis Scott] had videos of when he was a little kid and I wish my parents would have recorded me. So, make sure that you record yourself rapping, so that when you become a big star, you can do the same thing that he did.”

Cardi B on stage©Getty Images
The Press rapper also gives advice on her latest Netflix series Rhythm + Flow

Cardi’s tips didn’t just stop with the young star. The Hustlers actress teams up with Chance the Rapper and T.I. for the new Netflix original series, Rhythm + Flow. In the series, the trio look for the next big rap superstar.

As one of the biggest female rappers of the time, it was important that the Ring singer had sound advice for the women in the competition. “When it comes to woman, I feel like you have to have the whole package,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “You have to have the right voice. You have to have the confidence. I always tell the girls, ‘you gotta be that girl that guys want to be with and girls want to be.’”

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