viral celebrity quarantine moments
Quarantine Life!

Anuel AA, Jessica Alba and more hilarious viral videos from stars practicing social distancing

Day whatever of Quarantine and things are hilarious

Social distancing is bringing the best out of the celebrities, but it is providing the Internet with some amazing content. As the world works to contain and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by self-isolating and staying indoors, people are finding creative ways to work from home and pass the time. Italy and Spain, which have been placed on mandatory quarantine, shared creative outlets with the world, including balcony concerts, dinners and workout sessions.

For others, including celebrities that have a lot more time on their hands due to the cancelation of events, they have found more hilarious ways to entertain themselves and their followers in these trying times. Anuel AA is letting the world know how he feels. Jennifer Lopez’s has shared her son’s new talent and Casper Smart going “quarantine crazy.” Here is a look at the funniest celebrity moment.

Anuel AA

Casper Smart

Ellen DeGeneres