Demi Lovato shares pile of clothes on her bed
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Demi Lovato shares a glimpse inside her bedroom and a relatable moment after getting dressed

The singer shared a candid photo and fans can’t get over a relatable detail

We’ve all been there. It starts with trying on one too many pieces from your closet, and before you know it, you’ve ended up with the dreaded pile of clothes. But even Demi Lovato falls into the trap when getting dressed. The singer took to Instagram to share her look and the fact that she is wearing jeans for the first time in who knows how long. “This is what my bed looks like every time I get dressed,” she captioned next to a photo where she sits on her bed next to a sea of clothes. “Anyone else??” she added.

Demi Lovato©@ddlovato
Demi’s pile of clothes is way too relatable

This is the moment where we would all nod in agreement and yell out how we couldn’t relate more. The throwing of clothes onto your bed (or chair) after trying on countless pieces is indeed a thing, and Demi seems to be familiar with it too.

Another thing she and the rest of us may have in common is her own surprise for wearing jeans. On her stories, the Sorry Not Sorry singer shared a close up of her baby blues and captioned, “Wearing jeans...who am I!?!!?”

Demi Lovato©@ddlovato
The singer looked fierce in a pair of high-waisted jeans and blackcrop top

But it’s a look we stan for as Demi is fierce in a pair of high-waisted, light-wash jeans, teamed with a cropped black top featuring flames on the long sleeves, a pair of red-tinted sunglasses and silver jewelry.

Much like her latest post, the I’m Ready songstress has been candid on social media sharing with fans glimpses of her time at home and keeping them updated with her indoor life.

Ahead of taking us behind-the-scenes of her outfit, the Cool for the Summer singer shared an at-home swimsuit shoot in which she “discovered” the self-timer camera feature on her phone. The snap showed the 27-year-old looking stunning while makeup-free, and posing in a burgundy one-piece swimsuit. It looks like she’s having fun playing dress up!