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Elle Fanning dresses up as Brad Pitt and we can’t stop staring at the beard braids!

The Maleficent actress reveals how she would look like Brad Pitt and they looks almost like siblings

Elle Fanning surprised Jimmy Fallon with her own styling version of Brad Pitt with a complete beard-beaded look - and surprisingly she nailed it. The 22-year-old showcased her look wearing a bean, aviator sunglasses and a beard with four miniature braids. “We did like the doppelgänger challenge,” admitted Elle who participated with her friends. “We went all out, the cast. Like, we had this group chat, going dressed up as, like, celebrities, people from, you know, different characters in film,” she added. Besides becoming Brad Pitt’s double, she also dressed up as Bill The Butcher from the film Gangs in New York, “you had to grab things from the makeup trailer, like in five minutes, put it together...we got creative.”

Elle Fanning dresses up like Brad Pitt©YouTube
Elle Fanning looks just like Brad Pitt in doppelgänger challenge

Even the cast of The Crown participated but Elle confessed that her team won. Besides dressing up as Angelina Jolie’s ex, Elle also explained how she ended up with Bob Dylan’s harmonica. “I actually have a Bob Dylan’s Hohner blues harp harmonica,” she told Jimmy. She said she became obsessed with him since she was 13 and acquired the relic during the production of Low Down, “the producers from the film gave me his harmonica from his 2012 tour.” According to Jimmy, this is probably the best gift that anyone can ever receive.

The Maleficent co-star is currently spending quarantine in L.A. with her mom, grandmother and sister painting, doing puzzles and cooking. She also explained how she spent her quarantine birthday at home with her family and was surprised with a personalized cake from Strawberry Shortcake's character wearing a face mask. Though Elle is in lockdown, she is also supporting the Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds for children who are most vulnerable during the global pandemic. Elle will also star in a new historical satire and Hulu series called The Great that will give you a glimpse into Catherine the Great’s rise to power. Not only she is striving during lockdown but making the best of it with indoor games and Taylor Swift’s playlist.

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