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‘Euphoria’ star Barbie Ferreira explains how she has become the confident woman she is today

The actress is featured in the new TORRID Stories

Before Barbie Ferreira became a household name starring as Kat Hernandez in HBO’s Euphoria, she started modeling at 16. Now, with the new TORRID Stories that just launched, the 22-year-old was able to merge her then and now into the short films. “I was approached to do this film series, and it made a lot of sense,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I really wanted to work on things that reminded me of what I started my modeling career to do which was to reinvent and reflect what I would like to see in a plus-size brand as a plus-size girl.”

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Barbie stars in the TORRID Stories, out now

In the first of the four-part series, the New York native has to make the most of an embarrassing situation –getting locked out of her apartment in just her undergarments. (TORRID, of course!). “They are all fun takes on different situations,” she shares. “I thought it was really important to show different aspects of my personality so all the videos have different vibes. They were really good at collaborating so I brought in my style with their clothes.”

Keep reading to learn more about how Barbie became the confident girl she is today, see how she and the Euphoria cast keep in touch when not filming and what recurring resolution she has set for 2020.

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TORRID CEO Liz Muñoz with Barbie Ferreira

HOLA! USA: The TORRID series is definitely lighthearted and fun –the complete opposite to Euphoria! What has been the response to your character Kat?

Barbie Ferreira: “I’ve seen a lot of responses. I feel like when you’re the person in it and you see the random things people say, you’re like ‘what!?’ Overwhelmingly it was very positive, and I think people can relate to Kat –even people who weren’t teenage girls or chubby. Everyone kind of has aspects of body insecurities and having this need to experiment and make mistakes to find themselves. I think that’s what rung true to a lot of people.”

The Brazilian-American actress gets locked out of her apartment in the TORRID Stories

You exude so much confidence. Were you always like this?

“For me, confidence is a thing that is different every day. I’ve gotten to a place where I feel stable and calm with my body, and I never blame it for anything or do all those toxic things we are told and taught to do. It was years of unlearning and me being thrown into a public eye at 16 and having people basically only comment on my looks because I was a model. Kind of having a bigger picture and idea of my life and how I didn’t want to live my life feeling like I had to constrain myself or have these restrictions. I’ve always dreamt of doing this or doing that and there is no reason I shouldn’t. It took a long time; it wasn’t overnight. It was a lot of thinking and doing a lot of analyzing of culture and diet culture. Finding people that I can relate to in the curve community and seeing that there are different ways to be a hot, confident, cool girl.”

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The New York native loves testing out different styles

You also always love testing out different looks…

“Oh I am an experimenter. Since I was a kid I loved costumes and would go through phases of different styles. I was very Emo, and then I would wear blazers every day to school. The thing that I find so fun is that wearing clothes is not something that I hide myself in or just to wear it. It’s more of an intention. I’ll see a piece of furniture, and it will inspire my outfit. That table right there with the tassels, that’s what I’m going to look like tomorrow!”

You must have so much fun playing Kat. Speaking of, when you’re not filming, do you and the cast still see each other?

“Oh yea. Alexa [Demie] is at my apartment in L.A. as I’m not there. I’ve been traveling for a while. Even though I haven’t been able to see them in person, we FaceTime and have a group chat. We’ve been a little busy but we definitely keep in touch. Hunter [Schafer] is my best friend, and I just love everyone.”

Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Hunter Schafer and Alexa Demie attend HBO's "Euphoria" premiere©GettyImages
When not filming, the Euphoria cast stays in close contact

Your birthday is December 14. How are you celebrating?

“[Vacation!] I have not gone on a vacation in my adult life, and I just got off this movie we just wrapped.”

Upcoming birthday, new year approaching. Any 2020 resolutions?

“Still the same new year’s resolution as last year –learn how to drive. I grew up in New York and then I was in Jersey for my teens. I failed my road test and went right back to New York at 17. I took my road test a couple times, a couple months ago and did not pass. That is still my resolution.”

This is your year Barbie!

Watch the TORRID Stories here

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