Lupita Nyong'o dressed as her Us character©@lupitanyongo
Things got spooky!

Lupita Nyong'o scares fans with her iconic character from 'Us'

The actress reprised her role for Halloween Horror Nights

Lupita Nyong’o gave fans a huge scare at Halloween Horror Nights! For the spooky exhibit, the 36-year-old stepped back into her role from her latest film Us. Lupita got into character as her “tethered” Red, wearing a red jumpsuit. When unsuspecting fans made their way into the classroom setting, the actress spoke in a slow drawn out whisper as she revealed paper cutouts of people.

*Que the screams* Lupita jumped at the opportunity to scare the fans, especially after she walked through and got the fright of her life. In the beginning of the video, the Black Panther star is joined by her mother and two of her sisters.

Lupita played Red the tethered in Us©@usmovie
Lupita shocked fans when she reprised her role for the haunted attraction

As the ladies walked through the attraction, they were hilariously startled by people in costumes who reenacted scenes from the movie. “That is definitely my last horror film,” she told the camera. Us, which also stars Winston Duke, is the follow up film to Jordon Peele’s Get Out.

The film, which is already generating a lot of Oscar buzz, inspired many people this Halloween season. On screen, Tracee Ellis Ross and the cast of Black-ish went as the family during their special Halloween episode.

The actors donned the classic red jumpsuits. Going all out for the occasion, the Johnsons even had the golden scissors, baseball bat and mask.

As for the Director, Jordan, he says that he isn’t a fan of the costume taking center stage this year. “Now, in Halloween season, I’ve started receiving a lot of people in Tethered costumes, which, it doesn’t make me comfortable,” he told Variety. “You know, I like the fact that the movie is happening, it’s a phenomenon, it’s resonating, it’s iconic — but, I don’t know, there’s something about it. It’s like, they’re impersonating the stalkers and sending me stuff.”

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