José José con su hija

José José: Marysol Sosa and her first comments after seeing her father's body

José José's daughter says that she's calmer after seeing her father's remains after an intense search around Miami.

After reaching an agreement between siblings, José José's older children have finally reunited with the mortal remains of their father. José Joel confirmed to the media last Wednesday that the singer's body was in the Caballero Rivero funeral home in Little Havana, in Miami. Because he had a work commitment, José Joel returned to Mexico and promised to be back on Friday for his father's funeral in Miami. Meanwhile, Marysol Sosa also had the opportunity to reunite with her father, more than a year after she had last seen or heard from him.

José José©Getty Images
El Príncipe de la Cancion's remains are in a funeral home in Little Havana

The singer and Anel Noreña's daughter spent about three hours at the funeral home. On her way out, the cameras were already waiting for her. She addressed them briefly and courteously.

Hijos de José José©Mezcalent
José José's children reunited at the Mexican Consulate in Miami

Accompanied by Laura Nuñez, the artist's former assistant, Marysol said that she felt calmer after seeing her father's remains. “I already saw the body of my father, thank God. I am very grateful for having done that. At the moment that's what I can express to you.”

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José Joel was the first of the siblings who talked to the media. Credit: HOLA! USA

Little Elena's mother added that both she and her brother José Joel will do their best to collaborate in whatever is necessary. "We are in the best disposition to do what we must here, to return with our dad to our Mexico lindo y querido."

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After a few hours in the funeral home, Marysol Sosa spoke with the press. Credit: HOLA! USA

Before Marysol left the funeral home, the cameras captured Sarita Sosa, who also arrived at the scene and accompanied her half-sister in these difficult times.

More united than ever

Last Tuesday night, during their meeting at the Mexican Consulate in Miami, the El Triste singer's children recorded a message in which they showed that things between the three are better than ever.

Hijos de José José©@marysol_sosa
The Sosa siblings assert that they want the best for their father's funeral services

“As you can see, here we are, the family, together, talking, chatting, laughing, filing any kind of roughness, all for and in favor of our father, José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, our great prince, José José, (so that) he has a worthy burial," José Joel said.

Sisters Marysol and Sarita joined their brother and reiterated that they are committed to respecting their agreements and honoring their father as the star that he was.

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