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The clever romance rule Marc Anthony uses to guarantee success in his love life

The singer is known for his music, and for always being surrounded by beautiful women - but what's his secret?

Marc Anthony is never without a beautiful woman in his life - but what's his secret? As a boy, he learned a rule from his father that has ensured his success in matters of the heart, right from the get-go. His father Felipe Muñiz's words may seem harsh, but Marc recounts the story with a smile. "My dad told me early on - son, we're both ugly... Work on your personality. he says it to this day," he told Meredith Viera on her NBC talk show. So Marc followed his advice and it's certainly served him well - judging not only by his stellar career, but by the many gorgeous ladies whose hearts he has conquered.

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Miami radio host Enrique Santos brought up the childhood anecdote and asked if Marc still agreed with his father’s assessment. Marc replied: “I consider myself ugly but charming." His interviewer asked how someone who doesn’t consider himself attractive is able to be with some of the most beautiful women in the world, to which the Salsa king replied: "You know what it is? I think it’s confidence. I do not lack confidence. I’ve been able to do what I do for many years and I think I’m good at it. And that confidence and just being a good person overall, I don’t rely on my looks to stand out. It’s all in the details."

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JLo - married to Marc from 2004 to 2014 - has dubbed the singer 'one of the most attractive men I have ever met in my life'

Marc's personality is the secret to his success. When he likes a girl, he makes her feel like she's the only one in the world, according to celebrity exes including Dayanara Torres and Jennifer Lopez, who have both spoken about his irresistible charisma. Dayana - mother of Marc's children Cristian and Ryan - got the surprise of her life when Marc whisked her away to a surprise wedding at a Las Vegas penthouse suite in 2000 - a lavish yet intimate affair he'd planned just the day before.

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The former Miss Universe opened up about her divorce in her self help book Married To Me, saying Marc was very hard to get over. 'I cried until there were no tears left,' she wrote

Jennifer Lopezwas also spellbound by Marc. The Bronx Diva fell for his charm after she called off her wedding to Ben Affleck in 2004. The salsa singer made her feel unique, loved and full of happiness. "He is one of the most attractive men I've ever met in my life. He's short, but has a strong personality, capable of hypnotizing those around him," she said in an interview with Wendy Williams.

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Marc Anthony has a new girlfriend: model J Lynne

Marc may not have conventional Hollywood good looks, but he's clearly got the X-Factor. Obviously, his father's words weren't wasted and today the singer's heart-throb status is undisputed. Watch the video to see all the loves of his life!

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