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Love on the Brain!

Rihanna confirms that she is happy in an ‘exclusive relationship’

Rihanna has been linked to businessman Hassam Jameel

Rihanna definitely has love on the brain! The multi-hyphenate is busy with the world of fashion and beauty, however, she still has time for romance. “Yeah, I’m dating,” she told Vogue magazine when asked the million-dollar question. Rihanna, who is usually reserved when it comes to her personal life, went on to elaborate. “I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.”

Rihanna confirms relationship status©Getty Images
Rihanna confirms that she is in a “exclusive relationship”

Since 2017, the Diamonds singer has been linked to Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel. Although the pair have been seen together on numerous occasions, the 31-year-old largely keeps the relationship out of the spotlight. When it comes to her future, the Fenty Beauty founder confirmed that she “without a doubt” wants children but the timing does not depend on her.

“I don’t think about stuff like that, but that’s God’s plan,” she told Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour during her Go Ask Anna segment. “I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview. One thing she is thinking about, for sure, is her dream wedding dress. “A collaboration between myself and [John] Galliano, of course.” Aside from love, the ever-evolving pop star shared that she has matured and gives her time and energy to things that she once didn’t.

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Rihanna on Vogue©Ethan James Green/Vogue Magazine
The superstar opens up about her growth in her personal and professional life

“I’m definitely feeling a shift,” she told the magazine. “I’m growing up. There are things that I’m paying attention to that I’ve never paid attention to. Like supplements. And working out. And hearing about my bones.”  

Another thing, and the fans would be proud to hear – is that she is thinking about the music. Event with that, she is taking a different approach. “We always went into the music this time around saying that we were going to do two different pieces of art,” she said. “One was gonna be inspired by the music that I grew up listening to. And one was gonna be the evolution of where I’m going next with music.”

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