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Love Always

Anuel AA reveals he got Karol G’s face tattooed on him long before he proposed

When you know, you know

Anuel AA knew that Karol G was the one from the very beginning. The Los Llores Mujer rapper shared the backstory behind the picture of him and his fiancée tattooed on his back – and why he decided to make the permanent display of affection. “The tattoo I got on my back is my face and my wife’s face basically, I haven’t even finished it, and it’s been a whole year that’s gone by,” he told GQ during the Tattoo Tour series. “I think it was the first picture that we took, nobody even knew we was together. I told her while I was laughing, but I was serious about it, and she was like ‘are you sure about that?’ because we had just started [dating].”

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Anuel revealed that he knew Karol G would be his wife, that’s why he got her face tattooed on his back

Anuel added: “I told her I’m going to marry you.” The 27-year-old has another token of his affection for the Tusa singer on his skin. The China rapper revealed that he has Carolina tattooed on his left hand, in addition to his mother’s name and son’s name. “I always see it,” he said. “Everything I do, I do it for my family. I want to keep them close.”

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The China rapper always knew Karol was the one

Anuel has been open about his tokens of love dedicated to Karol. In January, the star showed off a ring and a series of chains with his leading lady’s name. Karol and Anuel have been dating since 2018. The pair kept their romance under wraps.

In 2019, the couple stunned the world when they revealed that they were engaged to be married. The pair were set to tie the knot this year. However, according to the Futbol & Rumba rapper, they had to put a pin in their plans. “We had set a date but with Coronavirus and quarantine we changed our plans,” he told Billboard. “But we’ll get married this year, God willing. We’re both ready, it’ll be this year.”

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